Volunteers Needed to Participate in Orthodox Family Study ( Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America )

Volunteers Needed to Participate in Orthodox Family Study


The Center for Family Care of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is looking for volunteers to participate in the first national study «Orthodox Family in America at Home and in Church.»

Family is the most essential unit of our society. St John Chrysostom wrote, «The human family constitutes the primary and essential element of  human society… peace in society will be a direct result of peace in the family.» But for many of us there is no peace from the stresses and demands of our modern life. We have often heardthat our Church should be an important part of our family-our spiritual family. But how does this part of our family help us with our livesand challenges we face? How do we live out our Orthodox Christian Faith daily?

«The Orthodox Family in America at Home and in Church» study is a first step towards a better understanding of how our Church ministers to the particular needs of families and how Orthodox families in America organize their everyday lives with regard to living their faith. In brief, this study addresses several broad questions:

* How is the family life of parishioners related to their Church life? To what degree is our Church present and helpful in the everyday routines of the families of her faithful?

* What are major sources of stress in the family lives of our faithful? What are the greatest challenges for the maintaining of Orthodox Christian traditions in their family homes?

* What types of family oriented programs and activities are presently offered in the individual Greek Orthodox Archdiocese parishes? What do parishioners think about these programs?

We need volunteers interested in being a part of this project. There are only two requirements to be eligible for participation:

* you must be a parishioner of a Greek Orthodox community, and
* you must have children 18 and under living at home (single parents are equally welcomed to participate as well as intermarried families-where the parents are Orthodox/non-Orthodox)

If you are willing to help us by participating in  the «Orthodox Family in America» study or if you have any further questions, please send us e-mail at   familycare@goarch.org or call 845-424-8175.

You can also, download the form at  www.family.goarch.org. Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to download the Parishioner Survey

Family Gospel Lessons

Να προσευχόμαστε στο Κύριο μας Ιησού Χριστό να οδηγήσει και πολλούς άλλους Αμερικανούς στην Ορθόδοξη πίστη και Εκκλησία.  Αλλά , ταυτοχρόνως, και η μέριμνά μας, η προσευχή μας, η αγωνία μας είναι και όλοι οι Ελληνοαμερικανοί να έρθουν πιο κοντά στον Ιησού Χριστό και την Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία, να βρουν αληθινά τον Τριαδικό Θεό της Αγάπης και την Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία της νοερής προσευχής και των αληθινών Μυστηρίων. Ας έχουμε το αίτημα αυτό στις προσευχές μας.

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2 Responses to Volunteers Needed to Participate in Orthodox Family Study ( Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America )

  1. Ο/Η Eleni Moulinos λέει:

    I am interested in participating in the study. thank you

  2. Ο/Η pilotos91 λέει:

    Προς Βίκυ.

    Αγαπητή Βίκυ, δεν είμαστε εμείς αρμόδιοι για την Ορθόδοξη Αρχιεπισκοπή Αμερικής και τα προγράμματά της.
    Οπότε το μήνυμα που έστειλες, πρέπει να κατατεθεί ως αίτημα στην Ελληνική Ορθόδοξη Αρχιεπισκοπή Αμερικής.
    ( http://www.goarch.org/archdiocese/contact/archdiocese_contact_form )

    Σε ευχαριστούμε για τη συμμετοχή σου. Εμείς, ως μπλογκ της Ορθόδοξης Ιεραποστολής, προβάλλουν ειδήσεις ή εκκλήσεις για εθελοντές, αλλά αρμόδιες για υπόλοιπα είναι οι Ορθόδοξες Επισκοπές και Μητροπόλεις και Ιεραποστολές, οπότε να απευθύνεστε κατευθείαν σε αυτές, για να μην υπάρχουν και παρεξηγήσεις.

    Καλή συνέχεια στο έργο σου. Ο Θεός να είναι μαζί σου.


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