[OCMC] New Opportunities for OCMC Mission Teams‏ – Supporting Missions through OCMC this Nativity Season‏

[OCMC] New Opportunities for OCMC Mission Teams‏

This year there are two exciting opportunities to go where no OCMC Mission Team has gone before!  Under the blessing of His Eminence George, Metropolitan of Zimbabwe, and His Eminence Alexander, Metropolitan of Nigeria, Mission Teams will travel to Nigeria and Zimbabwe this summer.  Both teams will focus on areas where there are few Orthodox priests but where Orthodox faithful work valiantly to spread the Good News of the Gospel.


The Church in Nigeria has a fascinating history: in the twentieth century, the Nigerian people, in search of the original Christian church, formed a union of churches called «Calvary Grace Church.»   In 1985, this collective of Nigerian churches was brought into the canonical Orthodox ChurchSince then, the Orthodox Church of Nigeria has had a strong focus on outreach and evangelism.  This year’s OCMC Mission Team will work to further this effort by traveling to Lagos, Nigeria, to teach in «new areas of mission.»

The Church in Zimbabwe was originally begun to minister to Orthodox immigrants, but in recent years it has sought actively to be a missionary church.  The difficult economic conditions in Zimbabwe, along with the high rate of  HIV/AIDS, have made the philanthropic work of the Orthodox faithful vital.  The OCMC Mission Team to Zimbabwe will focus on outreach and evangelism, supporting the zealous efforts of the six resident clergy. During the early planning stages for this Team, Zimbabwe is much in the news as a very needy country. Please remember them in your prayers.

Both of these countries offer opportunities for the Orthodox faithful in North America, for you, to minister in an amazing new way.  This is a chance to show love and support for our brothers and sisters abroad, help to spread the Gospel, and to Share in a Journey of Faith. Visit

2009 OCMC Mission Team Opportunities Now Available

Help Missions Today

Donate Now

Thank you for considering a donation to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. By funding OCMC programs that proclaim the fullness of the Gospel, support indigenous clergy, and fund Church ministries that help Her to witness to people around the world, your prayerful gift works toward making disciples of all nations.

Where the Need is Greatest
Through its many programs the OCMC helps Orthodox Christians across North America to answer their call to make disciples of all nations. Your gift will ensure the continuity of these programs so that the Church can always offer a living witness to the Gospel.

Support a Missionary
Help long-term missionaries serving abroad to preach, teach, and baptize as a living witness to the Gospel of Christ.

Build the Future of Missions
Help furnish and equip the new OCMC Missionary Training and Administrative Support Center. Your gift will help hundreds of missionaries and Team members make disciples of all nations.

Support a Mission Team Member
Your gift will help a Mission Team member to participate in a short-term Mission Team as they teach the faith, work with youth, build churches, or offer healthcare.

Support a Mission Priest
Support indigenous clergy serving abroad and give them the opportunity to dedicate themselves to ministry full-time.

http://www.ocmc.org/donate/index.aspx  )

[OCMCAPPEALS] Supporting Missions through OCMC this Nativity Season‏

And she shall bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins – Matthew 1:21

Missions is our response to Christ’s sacrificial love for humankind, and it is a primary function of the Church.  During this Nativity season, we find inspiration for missions in the life of the Theotokos. The Theotokos was obedient, opened her heart to God’s will, and through her faith brought Christ, the New Covenant and hope of salvation, into the world.  Our missionary call is to take part in this same task, to be participants in God’s plan for the salvation of the entire world.  Fr. Alexander Schmemann articulated this beautifully when he wrote, «The Church is a reality of the love of God for this world.  It is not man’s response to God, but His gift to us.  It is not to be self-centered but precisely a missionary community whose purpose is not salvation from the world, but salvation for the world.» As we are called to be stewards of the Church, we are called to be stewards of international missions.  We invite you to continue your own missionary witness through your prayerful financial gift to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC).

Throughout our world, Orthodox faithful are opening their hearts and answering Christ’s call to ‘make disciples of all nations.’  The OCMC, as part of Christ’s Church, continues to be a resource for the faithful of North America to answer this call.  By the end of 2008,

  • Over 100 individuals will be in communication with the Missionary Department about serving as long-term missionaries
  • 102 people will have participated on a Short-Term Mission Team
  • African, Southeast Asian, and South American priests (324 in total – the highest number ever) will have received support through the Support a Mission Priest Program (SAMP)
  • 9 grants will have been given to philanthropic and development projects of the Archdioceses of 7 different countries through the Agape Canister Program
  • The Theological Training Program will have encouraged the growth and further establishment of seminaries in Albania, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, South Africa, and Alaska.

Much of this work is supported through the prayers and gifts of the faithful of North America, who including yourself, have joined the Orthodox Christian Mission Center to bring more people into the vibrant Eucharistic life of the Body of Christ.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and gift to Orthodox mission ministries.  Please keep OCMC, its missionaries, and the work of missions, in your prayers. May you and your family have a blessed Nativity season!

In Christ,

Fr. Martin Ritsi
Executive Director

(   http://www.ocmc.org/   ) 

(   http://www.ocmc.org/donate/index.aspx  )

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