OCN’s Weekly Newsletter: Orthodox Hymns, 4 Journeys to Orthodoxy !


The Ron Moore Journey
Ron Moore is a world-traveled performer, singer/songwriter, speaker and comedian. His recordings have received airplay on over 100 stations nationally. With a refreshing worldwide view that comes from growing up as a missionary kid in Korea, Ron has traveled with his concerts from Romania to Korea, and from Canada to Ecuador. Click Read More to listen to this program and find out more about Ron Moore’s journey to Orthodox Christianity!

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Charles from Romania
Tune in to hear the story of Charles, who became an Orthodox Christian three years ago in Romania. He was on a YWAM mission staying with a Romanian family when he discovered that there was something more to the «nominal» Orthodox Christianity they practiced. After seeing his Romanian hosts live out their faith, he decided he needed to become a part of the ancient Church of Christ. Listen Now (mp3)! or click below to listen.

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Southern Baptist to Eastern Orthodox
On this week’s Journey, Jacob Lee talks to Jeff Burke, who left his Baptist background for Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Listen Now (mp3)! or click below to listen.

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Searching for the Early Church
On this week’s Journey, Jacob Lee talks to David, who grew up Evangelical, discovered the Catholic Church and, then, through learning about Church History and the Ancient Christian Church, came face to face with Orthodoxy. Find out why David and his family entered the Orthodox Church. Listen Now (mp3)! or click below to listen.


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Bring America to Orthodoxy!

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