Journey to Orthodoxy, a decision to convert to Orthodoxy

I only recently made the decision to convert to Orthodoxy. 

 I was raised in the Disciples of Christ denomination.

Later became associated with Vineyard and various Charismatic churches.

I served the past 6 years as the coordinator of a large church-based

non-profit agency which included a medical clinic, food pantry, etc.

My work with the agency brought me in contact with multitudes of the

poor– and 52 different churches of all denominations. I was asked to

host a TV show of a prominent «bless me» and «riches» ministry.

I declined. I was very grieved over many things I witnessed- especially

the grappling for power, prestige, and money. I just could not reconcile

what I was seeing with the reality of the New Testament call to humility,

service to the poor, and laying down of self. I also witnessed first hand

how abusive and unhelpful those aproaches were in ministering to the

marginalized of our society- those to whom Jesus would have ministered.

I encountered a handful of Orthodox persons in my line of work.

The Orthodox and I immediately felt a kindred spirit, and would end up

talking for hours, and praying together.

I felt strange in my first few visits to the Orthodox church.

I also felt strangely at home, for the first time in my life.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong…I knew I was communing

with the saints. The focus was God, the altar…not a man in a pulpit.

The people were welcoming, and assured me they knew I felt awkward- and

not to worry about it. I found the books by Kallistos Ware most helpful

in setting out the basic Orthodox theology- and how Eastern thought differs

from Western- and Protestant thought.

I will post more on my experience later.

My prayers are with you.

Προσευχηθείτε , αδέλφια, στο Τριαδικό Θεό για την αδελφή Σάρα- Μαρία να ενταχθεί στην Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία.

Προσευχηθείτε για όλους τους Ορθόδοξους κατηχουμένους σε όλο το κόσμο.

Προσευχηθείτε στο Θεό να ευλογήσει και να αυξήσει τις Ορθοδοξες Ιεραποστολές.
Προσευχηθείτε στον Κύριο μας Ιησού Χριστού να φωτίσει το δρόμο και άλλων Ορθοδόξων Ιεραποστολών για να προσφέρουν στα έθνη, με αυταπάρνηση και αυτοθυσία.


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