Remaining 2009 Orthodox Mission Team Opportunities ( OCMC )

Remaining 2009 Orthodox Mission Team Opportunities

Share in a journey of faith.


2009 OCMC Teams have many opportunities still available for you to share your faith through action around the world this summer and fall: People who can share the Faith as their own faith are needed for Mission Teams to Nigeria and Zimbabwe; leaders for a women’s ministry Team to Romania; individuals involved in a 12-step program for a Substance Abuse Team to Romania; an ESL teacher for South Korea; and an MD for a Health Care Team to Uganda, are still needed to minister to our Orthodox brothers and sisters around the world.

Could this be part of the fruit of Great and Holy Lent this year in your life?

Apply today at

New Opportunities for OCMC Mission Teams‏ – Supporting Missions through OCMC this Nativity Season‏

Love, Learn, Share on a 2009 OCMC Teaching Mission Team‏

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